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Need net access on your travels?

Where can you get the important email when you arrive at your destination? Where can you read your local news? At the nearest Internet Cafe - if you can find it.
This book - the Internet Cafe Guide - is the solution - it lists 2.000 Internet cafes in 113 countries world-wide -and cost only US$ 12.95.
You also get free online updates daily - you will always find updated info about how to get Internet access anywhere here at the book web-site.

Internet Cafe Guide
by Ernst Larsen


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Paperback - 286 pages 1. edition (1999)
Internet Cafe Guide; ISBN: 8299481309 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.5 x 7.00 x 5.00
Get connected anywhere!
It is smaller and lighter than any notebook PC, Internet Cafe Guide is an indispensable guide for the traveller who wants to stay connected without the weight, hassle, and responsibility of lugging expensive computer machinery around the world. It's an extremely user-friendly book. A bonus is a list of great World Wide Web sites, including the books own site that regularly updates the list of cybercafes. The small size makes it easy to carry, Internet Cafe Guide tells you where you can send and check e-mail in 2,000 Internet Cafes in 113 countries, from Sri Lanka and South Africa to Nepal and Mexico, and all across the U.S. Stop using hours looking for Internet Cafes. abudhabi|add|argentina|aruba|asiaazer|asiaCAMB|asiaCHN|asiaHK|asiaIND|asiaIND1|asiaIND2|asiaIND3|asiaINDO|asiaKOR|asiaMA|asiaNEP|asiaPAK|asiaPHIL|asiaSING|asiaSRI|asiaTHAI|asiaTW|asiaVIE|australia1|australia2|australia3|bahamas|belarus|belgium1|belgium2|belgium3|belize|bolivia|brazil|bulgaria|cayman|chile|colombia|costarica|croatia|curacao|dominica|dominicana|ecuador|elsalvador|germany1|germany2|germany3|germany4|grenadines|guatemala|honduras|indexlyc|jamaica|japan1|japan2|japan3|kafeover|latvia|lithuania|logos|macedonia|malta|mexico1|nicaragua|panama|paraguay|peru|puertorico|romania|search|slovenia|spain1|spain2|spain3|stlucia|top_index|trinidad|uk1|uk2|uk4|uruguay|USAAL|USAAR|USAAZ|USACA|usaca1|usaca2|usaca3|usaca4|USACO|USACT|USADC|USADE|USAFL|USAGA|USAIA|USAID|USAIL|USAIN|USAKS|USAKY|USALA|USAMA|USAMD|USAME|USAMI|USAMN|USAMO|USAMS|USAMT|USANC|USAND|USANE|USANH|USANJ|USANM|USANV|USANY|USAOH|USAOK|USAOR|USAPA|USARI|USASC|USASD|USATN|USATX|USAUT|USAVA|USAVT|USAWA|USAWI|USAWV|USAWY|venezuela|virgin|yugoslavia|

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